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Please be advised . . . .

Your assistance is desperately needed.

Dear friend,

. . . . My wonderful wife is trying desperately

to aid and assist the abused and damaged cats of the greater Las Vegas area. She is 76+yrs young, and the need is growing. Recently we outgrew our income and are resorting to “borrowing” just to make up the difference.

Anything you can spare will be appreciated.

A few months ago we created the

State of Nevada 501 c3 Non-profit


P.O.Box 43703, Las Vegas, NV, 89116

Tele: (702) 431 8377

We provide Food, Shelter, Medical and Love.

Please … join us in our commitment.

Kindest regards,

Robert B. Edgar CEO

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“No Guts … No Glory”

Cite: Major Fredrick Blesse – P-47-D ‘Thunderbolt’ Pilot (WWII)

It is with this logic that we dare to approach your worthy existence.

Please allow me to introduce ‘HAIRBALL HEAVEN’ – a State of Nevada 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation – an entity designed to assist the grossly over-populated, abused and disenfranchised feline population of the greater Las Vegas area.

We need your help

My wife believes she is on a mission from God. She is 76+ years old and not getting any younger. I am older than she. Currently we are assisting many feral/stray cats. She has named each one and they respond to her, especially at feeding time. Each cat has special needs including spay and neuter, veterinary needs, medicine, food and shelter – and, … last but not least, – Love.

Each night at around midnight, rain or shine, my wife starts her day. Cats that are ‘caged’ (for their own safety) need their cat boxes changed, water and food dishes cleaned and refilled, and Love. She then attends to the ‘Outside Cats’ by changing and refilling their dishes with solid as well as some wet foods

As president of Hairball Heaven 501c3, I have set a timeline of 18 months to complete the following objectives: … acquire a piece of land approx. 5 to 10 acres outside of greater Las Vegas, with … a Quonset hut (or other appropriate structure) approx. 30’ x 60’ to house and protect the cats … enough steady funding to finance the works, and  … we also need a van.

PLEASE … Won’t you help?

Could you please place us on your charities calendar? 

Our address is:

HAIRBALL HEAVEN, P. O. Box 43703, Las Vegas NV 89116

Phone: 702-431-8377 / www.hairballheaven.com